Middlesbrough Roller Derby Are Here!

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Welcome to the new face of women’s roller derby in Teesside!

From today, Saturday 18th March 2017, Middlesbrough Milk Rollers are no more – Instead the league will be known as Middlesbrough Roller Derby, and with the change of name we are bringing you a fresh new look.

“But Why?” I hear you cry, “your uniform was so pretty!”

Yes, the tattoo inspired swallow and teal and pink colour palate was pretty! I agree! But as the sport, and the league has grown up, we decided that we needed our brand to too. We also wanted our logo to be more about who we are as a league and where we come from. We want our opponents to know that #BoroGirlsCan. Our new logo depicts the Transporter Bridge, an icon of the area, and one of only two working bridges of its type in the UK (the other being in Newport, Wales). A stylized transporter bridge even appears in the Middlesbrough Council logo!

The rebrand is also a reflection on how far the league has come. We are currently ranked fifth in the UK (UKRDA) and eighth in Europe (WFTDA), gone are the days of tutu’s and fishnets, here are the days of off skates cross training and sports nutrition, yes this is fun, this is a hobby, but we love it and we mean business.

So look out world! #WeAreMiddlesbrough

See the new look at EuroClash on 25 and 26 March hosted by Newcastle Roller Derby https://www.facebook.com/events/365884340424845/


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